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Tax Exempt & Special Pricing

We offer specialized rates to government agencies, and highlight ways to save with tax exempt status and other government specific perks.

Hosted Phones & Excellent Support

In the Hospitality sector our hosted phone solutions are competitive and comprehensive. Fill out a contact form below for more information

IP Cameras - ID Cards - Access Control

Benecom Technologies helps numerous schools throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. Contact us for a quote on how we can secure your school.

Reliable Hosted Solutions

We offer a range of services that could benefit Health Care professions... including but not limited to 

Hippa Compliant Backups & Data Storage

Hosted Phones

Access Control Systems

Photo ID Cards

Network Security 

legal industry_edited.png
Reliable Hosted Solutions

The legal industry's data security and efficiency demands are met by Benecom's Managed Service Provider solutions, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring seamless operations.

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