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Access Control / Security

     Access control systems are about managing and monitoring employee, visitors, and guests through secure areas in a building. This may be as simple as having a keypad or id card system at an office entrance, or involve complex employee ID protocols involving biometrics, video cameras, and other time stamps to record the time and place of employee whereabouts.

Benecom Technologies is a Louisiana State Purchasing vendor,

Benecom Surveillance Equipment : 4400028354

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Why you need Access Control for your business

Using Keycard

Eliminate Keys

Not only does it remove a burden from your employees to carry around multiple additional keys for each specific secure area in your company, but it also removes a significant security risk from lost keys in the public domain and former employee keys.

Fingerprint Access

Tiered Security

Ensure greater security by controlling and documenting access to not just the building itself, but specific rooms or areas.  Mitigate risks of theft or injury by ensuring only approved employees have access to critical areas

Security Room

Centralized Control System 

Manage all your access points through a central location or remotely.  Make adds/changes, set up temporary access, or lock down the entire building.  Includes full reporting capabilities.

Protect Your People and Assets with Security Cameras
Security Camera_edited.png

Risk Mitigation

The mere existence of security cameras positively affects behavior of both your employees and customers.  Security cameras increase the safety and comfort of your employees and customers, and will increase productivity and efficiency of your business.

Security Monitoring Screens

Central Management

View every camera from every building from one central system or remotely.  Benecom’s camera system includes customizable views for each user, as well as scalable access to the system for each individual user

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