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Benecom Technologies provides custom designed solutions to create a wireless network with little to no disruption for your business!


Wireless Includes

  • WAP (Wireless Access Points)

  • AP (Access Point)

  • Ubiquiti

  • Wireless Network Assessments

  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

  • WIFI Devices

In an office environment, poor Wi-Fi performance is often annoying but is critical in medical, educational, and training environments where a wireless system must be as efficient and reliable as a fully cabled system; a tall order indeed. In addition, the increasing demands of data and video applications need as much bandwidth as they can get and up to date wireless and wired infrastructure is critical.


Benecom Technologies can help you design, configure, install, manage, and maintain the most cutting-edge wired and wireless access points and support cabling infrastructure that can mitigate these problems.


In the future, we will also be able to help you plan on the newer technologies such as 5G mobile broadband and other 5g products that can complement or supercede wi-fi.

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