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A Message to our Customers and Friends during this epidemic

For public and private institutions that may now consider a distributed and remote work environment, setting up the infrastructure, protocols, and hardware from pc’s and phones to routers and printers may be difficult. Benecom’s support team is here to help. We can assist you NOW with your necessary transition to:

  • Conversion and setup of voicemail to email

  • Remote teleconferencing: Setup of chat-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams that provide the ability to work together and share information via a common space.

  • VOIP enabled phones and service for unified communication.

  • Secure remote ‘VPN’ communication to corporate pc’s, networks, and other corporate databases.

  • Installation and setup for remote data processing with MS365

Please call our office at 504-254-1441 or email to and we will contact you promptly

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