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Benecom Voice and Data Services during this time of crisis

The closure of many businesses and public institutions has led to many businesses asking their employees to work from home. Without having the right systems and procedures in place that can address workflow and security, many enterprises have shuttered operations due to not having a plan to address this need. For companies that must now consider a distributed and remote work environment, setting up the infrastructure, protocols, and hardware from pc’s and phones to routers and printers may be difficult.

Benecom’s support team can help you with:

Remote help desk support from a knowledgeable IT team

Software updates and installations for programs including Microsoft Office 365

Network Security due to vulnerabilities to hacking of remote workers.

Migration assistance to cloud databases like AWS and Microsoft Azure

Hardware assistance, which can include the setup and distribution of laptop computers and printers to facilitate remote work.

Setup for teleconferencing and remote work groups.

Phone service setup using VoIP services that can be used in work from home situations Secure remote access to corporate networks, pc’s and other data bases.

Onsite support for trouble shooting and repair of network systems and peripherals

Backup support to ensure that in the event of emergencies such as a sudden power outage, that data are stored safely

IT consulting to accurately assess your needs

Acquisition, configuration, and installation of new laptop computers, printers, and phones.

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