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Business Communications: A Brand New World

With your personal cell phone, you're covered!

24/7 availability and continually updated apps to make phone calls, text, video chat, email, and backup of your critical information. Good for you, but . . .

What about your business?

Univerge Blue Connect by NEC. A hosted phone system . . . always available . . . advanced telephony with dozens of calling features from text, video chat, email, call center, file backup and more. Security, availability, capability, and future proofed with continuous updates.

A business grade hosted phone system at a much lower cost than traditional premise based phone systems. With the support of NEC, a world leader in business communications, and with on-line and on-site support from Benecom Technologies, your regional source for all of your data and voice needs, your business communications are enhanced and your support is unmatched. There is no better team to support your Telecommunication needs.

Benecom Technologies: We've Got You Covered!

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