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POSitive Software

POSitive for Business

POSitive For Business is an innovative, easy to use retail solution designed to centralize multi-channel selling through your store and website. PFB can improve the performance, reliability and transaction efficiency of your business, reducing staff errors and shrinkage.


POSitive For Business excels in thousands of businesses worldwide. Boasting an impressive list of features, PFB allows you to do everything from making a sale, printing barcoded price labels, creating purchase orders, seasonal re–ordering, to customer loyalty and marketing. Loaded with reports for stock, sales, profits, taxes, customers, suppliers, employees and much more, you can be sure POSitive For Business will give you the information you need to run your business successfully.

Service Features & Benefits


POS Transactions

With a customizable touch screen, PFB makes the sales process quick and easy.  PFB’s smart search allows for fast customer sales, enhancing loyalty.  Split payment, advanced invoice printing and routing, simplify the sales process.

POS Transactions


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Control staff access to all areas of the register and back office through group and individual security settings.  There are other useful tools such as a time clock, internal messaging and activity logging that aid in management of your employees.

Employee Control


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Configure multiple sales events and schedule them to automatically start at your convenience.  PFB also has extensive multi-buy and mix n’ match options.  Increase sales with suggested accessories and tag-alongs.  Coupon management is also built in.

Sales & Promos


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PFB provides live and accurate stock tracking for an unlimited number of inventory items, which can be standard hard and soft goods, and intangible items like service and labor.  Returned, used and trade-in items are also controlled.

Stock Control


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PFB has many tools that help you to ease the sales process, such as: multiple hold/retrieve transactions, hold as orders/quotes, flexible pricing, discounts and price overrides, gift cards age verification, coupons and price/weight in barcode.

Invoicing Tools


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Unlimited supplier and products can be maintained.  Stock requirement lists, immediate cost charge warnings, customer’s orders, arrival notification and supplier back orders are all handled.  E-mail PO’s to vendors or create an export file.

Purchase Orders


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Track customer purchases and use for loyalty and marketing programs.  PFB offers unlimited customer profiles with a complete invoice history and the ability to quickly search by account number, phone number or name.  Assign one of six pricing levels or an automatic discount to each customer.

Customer Management


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With extensive import/export routines, use of data collectors, drill down options, report filtering and over 100 default reports, PFB fits most needs.  However, with an SQL database, your data is available to other programs such as MS Office.

Reports & Data

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