Maintenance Contracts

Your Local Tech Doctor

For an annual or monthly fee, Benecom Technologies provides timely on-site support including parts and labor for networks and peripherals, and preventative maintenance when warranted.


You need it ifYou have mission critical equipment (e.g. system printers, servers) that will need quick repair by a technician who knows your equipment and your requirements, or which need continual upkeep and testing.


Benecom Technologies maintenance contracts come with support from service technicians with the expertise, knowledge, and availability of spare parts and even loaner machines. We support a greater variety of hardware than any other local provider, from legacy hardware to the latest devices and peripherals.

Contracts can be from 1 to 3 years, with guaranteed pricing for the maintenance term and discounts for longer terms. Cancellation with 30 days’ notice with refund for unexpired term.

When Performance Matters!