Intrusion Detection

Protecting your company's buildings often means more than just putting a lock on the door! Benecom can design and install a managed facility security solution that's right for your business.

Making secure the buildings in your corporation is becoming more challenging, and often requires more than just the passive monitoring of video cameras and access control systems.  You need to be pro-active in monitoring and responding to intrusions from all agents, human and natural.

Benecom Technologies can integrate alarm systems and cameras that provide the human and machine monitoring that can help you determine the nature and severity of an intrusion before it escalates. These systems provide function, reliability, redundancy, and cost effectiveness to help you to secure your site before it becomes compromised.

Intrusion Detection System has three functions:


Intrusion detection systems are meant to help prevent intrusions. Signs, lights, or sounds warn approaching persons that the site is protected by a detection system and can deter intruders from an attempt.


The secondary role of an intrusion detection system is to detect intruders. They are designed to detect intrusions before or as they are happening and to sound an alarm.


Intrusion detection systems help security personnel to respond quickly to intrusions by determining where the breach has occurred. The system may also be able to report where the intruder has moved to within the site.


Intrusion Detection Includes

  • Signage (Warnings)

  • Burglar Alarms

  • Sensors

  • Cameras

  • Monitoring

  • Managed Facility Security

  • Panic Alarms

  • Motion/Temperature/Sound Detectors