Fiber Optic Cabling

The world of telecommunications is rapidly moving from copper wire networks to fiber optics.  Your company's need for speed, bandwidth, integrity & security of data transmission will lead to fiber optic cabling.


Many times when complex installation of computer networks require a span of 300 feet or more,  fiber optic cabling is necessary.  A fiber optic cable is a network cable designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking, and telecommunications. 


There are two main types of fiber optic cables: Single Mode Fiber (SMF) and Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF).  The difference is basically in the size of the core. 


Benecom Technologies can design and install fiber optics cable systems that can match your needs, from a small local area network for a local business to a wide area network spanning multiple branches.  



  • Fiber Housing

  • Fiber Panels

  • Unicam

  • Wire Management

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fiber

  • Fiber Connectors (ST, SC, LC, MTP)

  • Fusion Splicing

  • Aerial Fiber

  • Fiber Optic Backbones

  • OTDR Testing (Optical Time Domain Reflector)

  • Armored Fiber

  • Direct Burial Fiber