Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. Recoveries have to be orchestrated!

Benecom Technologies believes in an all-inclusive approach to data protection. Cloud based data such as Office 365 and emails can be backed up to any location including the public cloud.  No need to purchase and manage backup solutions from multiple vendors. All backed up data files are replicated to a secure cloud with unlimited storage.

You need it if…Your business IT infrastructure is complex, and can be compromised by employees, malware, system failure, or by simple acts of nature, and near continuous operations are a necessity.

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 Save and restore mission critical and archived data, and quickly restore operations locally or through virtual servers in the cloud at the timing you choose to ensure business continuity in case of disaster.  

The Benecom Advantage: If your data files are lost or made unavailable due to system failure, employee negligence, or ransomware, we can have you up and going quickly with good copies of your available data and technicians are available for local and remote support when you need us.

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What We Do

  • Restore systems from physical appliances, virtual servers, local servers, offsite locations, and the cloud.

  • Daily monitoring by Benecom Technologies to ensure accuracy and completeness of backup.

  • Protect against ransomware.

  • Restore deleted or corrupted files, or even your entire system.

  • Keep and easily restore earlier copies of your data for weeks or months or longer.

  • Backups performed continually and always up-to-date.