Cyber Security

Advanced Security For Advanced Technology

Businesses today face multiple risks from all sides. There’s the constant threat of cyber attacks and security breaches. The need to meet and maintain regulatory compliance requirements. And the possibility of natural disasters or service outages that can bring your business to a halt.

Benecom Technologies will help you create plans to secure your network, address security compliance requirements, keep your business up and running, and recover quickly if there’s a disaster or breach. That way you can enjoy better peace of mind while focusing on growing your business.

Providing professional security in an unsecured world!

  • Protect your email communications for all IT infrastructure including gateway defense, email resiliency, fraud protection, and user security awareness.

  • Public Cloud Security protects your cloud applications and data, monitor compliance policies and perform remediation.

  • Protect hybrid physical, virtual, and SaaS environments.

  • Protect all sources of data: email, telecommunications, data files, applications and operating systems.

Your information systems can be compromised by errant employees, viruses, malware, system failure, and acts of nature. Benecom Technologies provides fail safe security for email communications, local network and applications, corporate data, and cloud servers and applications.

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