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  • Fiber Housing

  • Fiber Panels

  • Unicam

  • Wire Management

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fiber

  • Fiber Connectors (ST, SC, LC, MTP)

Fiber Optic Cabling

The world of telecommunications is rapidly moving from copper wire networks to fiber optics.  Your company's need for speed, bandwidth, integrity & security of data transmission will lead to fiber optic cabling.


Many times when complex installation of computer networks require a span of 300 feet or more,  fiber optic cabling is necessary.  A fiber optic cable is a network cable designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking, and telecommunications. 


Benecom Technologies can design and install fiber optics cable systems that can match your needs, from a small local area network for a local business to a wide area network spanning multiple branches.  

  • Fusion Splicing

  • Aerial Fiber

  • Fiber Optic Backbones

  • OTDR Testing (Optical Time Domain Reflector)

  • Armored Fiber

  • Direct Burial Fiber


Structured Cabling

Benecom Technologies is an infrastructure cable company that is fully staffed to handle structured cabling projects of all sizes.  From one to thousands of drops our technicians are ready to do the job!

Structured cabling systems are now the best solution for business's network to accommodate the rising need for speed and more bandwidth.  Businesses are sending more and more data through their networks, and it'll only increase as more tools and technology enter the workplace.

Need a new network or just need to make changes to an existing network?  Our structured cabling technicians can plan, design, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade any size network.

Installing a structured cabling solution involves laying out and designing the system itself, which can be tricky in and of itself.  By performing a site survey we'll help your business determine the feasibility of an installation, budgetary constraints, and whether specialty tools or supplies are required.  Our services include testing and certification of new or existing copper or fiber networks.

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  • Horizontal Cabling

  • Vertical Cabling

  • Entrance Facility Structured Cabling

  • Equipment Rooms

  • Telecommunications Enclosure

  • Work Area Components

 Organize your infrastructure and help future proof your business!   



  • Cat 5E

  • Cat 6

  • Cat 6A

  • Coaxial Cabling (RG6, RG11)

  • Plenum Cable

  • Fiber Cable

  • Wire Management

  • Cable Labeling

  • Multi-Pair Copper

  • Copper Splicing

  • Outdoor Cable Applications

  • Networking Cable

  • Fiber to Workstation

  • Cable Removal & Demolition

  • Testing, Certification and Documentation



Benecom Technologies provides custom designed solutions to create a wireless network with little to no disruption for your business!


Wireless Includes

  • WAP (Wireless Access Points)

  • AP (Access Point)

  • Ubiquiti

  • Wireless Network Assessments

  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

  • WIFI Devices

In an office environment, poor Wi-Fi performance is often annoying but is critical in medical, educational, and training environments where a wireless system must be as efficient and reliable as a fully cabled system; a tall order indeed. In addition, the increasing demands of data and video applications need as much bandwidth as they can get and up to date wireless and wired infrastructure is critical.


Benecom Technologies can help you design, configure, install, manage, and maintain the most cutting-edge wired and wireless access points and support cabling infrastructure that can mitigate these problems.


In the future, we will also be able to help you plan on the newer technologies such as 5G mobile broadband and other 5g products that can complement or supercede wi-fi.

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