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AS/400 i-Series Managed Backup


Service Features & Benefits

  • Reliable business continuity, with accessible system ready within 24 hours.

  • Eliminate or reduce the need for physical tape backup.

  • Daily monitoring by Benecom to ensure accuracy and completeness of backup.

  • Restore deleted or corrupted files, or even your entire system.

  • Keep and easily restore earlier copies of your data for weeks or months or longer.

  • Backups performed continually and always up to date.

  • Support from experienced Benecom AS/400 engineers to get your primary AS/400 up and running.

  • Remote AS/400 sized for memory, processor, and disk space for your individual needs.

  • Recovery testing available at prescribed intervals to ensure integrity of backup.

For IBM midrange systems, business continuity or disaster recovery (or DR) solutions require standby i-series machines with replicated data and software in remote data centers, ready to be activated when the primary system fails or is disrupted. This is an expensive remedy that has been affordable only for large enterprises, leaving smaller companies with no cost-effective solution to guarantee undisrupted operations in case of system failure.


With Benecom Technologies AS/400 Cloud backup, the same level of DR service can be cost effectively provided for smaller enterprises, with a remote standby AS/400 ready to be provisioned and accessed by a company within the space of a day. So, while your primary machine is being restored, you will still have seamless access to your AS/400 and all its functions.

How it works:

Per your normal schedule, your IBM system is backed up to a local VTL (Virtual Tape Library) appliance that emulates tape. The data, applications, and operating system are then encrypted and uploaded to the Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure) Cloud. Upon failure, the cloud backup files are recovered to a VTL device attached to one of our hosted AS/400s whereupon a system restore/recovery can be initiated.

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