About Us

Today, nearly everything we see and do is rooted in information technology. In the past IT was simply PCs and servers. Nowadays, a modern business must be able to understand, choose, and integrate a host of IT technologies that define and enable everything it does.

Founded and run by people who are passionate and have a profound understanding of both IT and business, Benecom Technologies has provided excellent IT and computer services since 1991.

Benecom Technologies, Inc. is a full-service Network Support Provider with the resources to design, implement, monitor and maintain wide and local area client-server networks and peripherals from routers and firewalls to printers & cabling and camera infrastructure. From Managed Services that remotely monitor, manage and secure your network, to Onsite Support for network peripherals and printers, to managing your voice and data cabling and communications infrastructure, our solutions are among the most comprehensive, flexible, and cost effective in the region. 

Benecom Technologies has provided cutting edge systems, exemplary service, and cost-effective support for hundreds of clients from small companies to large enterprises. Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise in the public or private sector, Benecom has the experience, skills, and solutions to provide you the best service and products to meet your most demanding needs.

Benecom Technologies is all about providing your business with the tools you need to succeed.  We have extensive business and technology expertise with experience successfully helping organizations achieve a greater return on their technology investments. 

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  • Large staff of technicians and customer engineers with skill sets across a variety of disciplines.

  • Regional support for Louisiana, South Alabama, Mississippi, and the Greater Memphis, TN area.

  • Help Desk Support

  • Managed Services, Time and Materials, Block Time, Service Contracts.

  • Comprehensive offerings from Data to Voice.  From On-Premises to the Cloud.

Quality You Deserve and Dependability

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