When a Tesla Costs a Nickel

Right now, if you could upgrade your clunker to a new Tesla at the cost of a nickel you would do it in a jiffy. An impossible deal you say, technology can move fast of course, but pricing just can’t move as fast. Well, pricing does move that fast, and in the real world, cost really counts. But you resist this because of lethargy, disbelief, and the fact that you believe your IT company would always be quick to bring you the latest stuff at the lowest prices. Actually, they are quicker to pocket the savings, and leave you without a way of knowing that they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Well, it’s your nickel, and to see how compounding technology efficiencies and declining costs impact you, a penny for your thoughts! Put a penny on day 1 of a calendar and double it every day, and at the end of the month $10,737,428.24 That’s Moore’s law for you, which is a law of technology proposed by an engineer at Intel back in the days computers as powerful as your smart phone were the size of warehouses. Computing capability and cost are still exponentially improving, and It’s not just a matter of newer technology becoming available, but a matter of older and newer technology getting a whole lot cheaper. It’s cheaper because processing power, bandwidth, and storage and business automation tools and products are trending ever downward in cost and every upward in capability. Computers after all are built on silicon, which to you and me is just sand. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about all that iron, aluminum, and other moving parts. Indeed, all that computing firepower is rather ethereal, residing elsewhere, in a ‘cloud’.

What it does tell you is that for IT at least, you should always strive to stretch your nickel farther, and to always consult with your IT company, quote them often, and make sure that your costs are going down and the quality of your services are going up.

As I said, it’s your nickel.

How a penny goes far in a month when it doubles each day.

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