SIP Trunks: An Incomprehensible Service the size of Texas

President: What is this thing?
Truman: It’s an asteroid, sir.
President: How big are we talking?
Engineer: Sir, our best estimate is 97.6 billion…

(President looks on, confused)
Truman: It’s the size of Texas, Mr. President.
President: Dan, we didn’t see this thing coming?

Truman: Well, our object collision budget is only a million dollars, it allows us to search only 3 percent of the sky….


From the movie Armageddon


IT is insanely dependent on acronyms, stats, and numbers, when it should just as reliant upon metaphors. For voice communications, PRI, ISDN, TI, VOIP, ITSP, and SIP all represent the alphabet soup of the trade, and are the lingua franca of tradesmen, but are foreign to the language of ordinary folks. That’s a pity, since every now and then a revolution in communications comes about that needs a proper metaphor, not just another code word that requires you to pony up for a magic decoder ring that your vendor wants to sell you. A metaphor is simply an allusion to some object that conveys the necessary features of the concept in question. You know, like that object the size of Texas. So, let’s get to our metaphors, shall we?

In 1956, President Eisenhower announced a little federal project called the Interstate Highway System, a new means to easily route people and products about the country. It started off limited, underutilized, and misunderstood, but as it grew and became more reliable, it now underpins the whole of US commerce. Presently, we have an equivalent reliable, robust, and simple superhighway for voice and data, and it is built on the SIP trunk.


So, what is a SIP trunk?

Like the interstate highway, a SIP trunk is the emerging standard to unite the virtual commerce of data and voice under one reliable, simple, and cost-effective network, riding on the internet, that enables a company to be much more productive and profitable. SIP trunking is the means to put all business communication on the internet, data, voice, and their attendant and myriad applications, from camera systems to unified messaging to branch operations. It does so reliably, efficiently, and typically with great cost savings. It is in a sense, a unified digital highway that is built on the bedrock of the internet protocol. It has lots of advantages, but you have to do your homework and engage a reliable and certified vendor who will be your reliable, responsible, and accountable partner.


You get rid of:

Multiple vendors and conflicting opinions, service, and finger pointing.

Multiple channels handling data and voice, and the multiple redundant expenses that go with them.


You need:

Network assessment

Proper testing

A certified vendor who can tell an IP trunk from an Elephant’s trunk


You get:

One reliable vendor, and one bill. A unified communications solution that will grow with you and can handle all your voice and data needs, including the unforeseen ones to come. Over all, a sip trunk is a reliable, robust, simple, and cost-effective system that allows you to spend less time worrying about communications, and more time at the zoo.


Now that you know what it is, at least you can’t say now that you didn’t see it coming, and yes, it’s the size of Texas.


Billy Bob Thornton, the category killer, and Texas, from the movie


Really good video on sip trunking, with pictures saying a thousand words.


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