Cloudy Dawg!

The business model for your IT provider is here, and it’s a la cart, and it’s as simple as your local hot dog cart. You’ve got to hand it to the consumer marketplace as your internet, entertainment, are as easy to access as hot dog street vendor.  For IT services, productivity, security, and communications services and more are now all available a la carte, with the ability to mix and max, pick and choose, and have the freedom to move from service to service with little penalty and inconvenience. It is all due to the cloud, a rather cloudy reference to the data centers that are out of sight and might as well be in a cloud. For our personal needs, we are old hands with dealing with clouds. Entertainment (Netflix, Spotify), communications (skype, viber), social media (Facebook, Instagram), and many other personal needs are met by the cloud, and are as easy to catalog as all the app icons you have on your smart phone. For business apps, the consumer is less savvy and more skittish, mainly because business owners would like to keep software and data that run their business up close and personal, fearing that trusting it to a cloud may render it like actual clouds, which eventually disappear in a puff of smoke! But clouds have a way of replicating themselves to your local devices, and the data you don’t trust to an outside data center can easily be replicated to a local server or device located anywhere, and continually and in real time.

You don’t use your local hot dog vendor as your only provider for food, and you shouldn’t for IT services as well.  With the advent of cloud apps that can do all of the IT heavy lifting and are now as reliable as your trusty hot dog vendor, with your data available at every corner, like the hot dog cart, it now pays to shop around. And if you don’t, you may be stuck with just a hot dog while your friends have discovered low cost gourmet meals.