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Benecom Technologies - SimplicITy

With decades of experience and the broadest range of voice and data technologies in the region, Benecom can provide you with turn key solutions for all of your voice and data needs, from consulting, products and installation, to maintenance.

We will save you time, we will save you money, and we will give you a productivity edge which will help you prosper and succeed. Above all, in simple terms we will demonstrate to you how simple IT can be.

Leveraging the ‘Cloud’ for flexibility, economy, and productivity

Let Benecom show you how you can use the power of the offsite computer resources or the ‘cloud’ to slash your data and voice management, maintenance, and security expenses and receive better, more flexible, and more comprehensive IT services at very low cost and often with less hardware to purchase.

Easy to demo, easy to install and easy to scale up or down to meet your demands, cloud services from Benecom can make supporting or even replacing your data and voice networks a breeze, save you money, and give your company a leg up with cutting edge IT capabilities that will never become obsolete.

  • Cloud Backup: A mirror image of your computer system is continually backed up to the Amazon cloud, and to a local inexpensive network storage device, with quick restoration of lost files or even your entire system in cases of disaster.
  • Cloud Firewall: All of your internet and email traffic is filtered through the cloud, eliminating viruses, spyware, and data theft, and keeping your employees focused and away from web sites you do not wish them to visit.
  • Cloud IT Support: Your PC server is monitored and managed 24/7, with problems and service issues foreseen and remedied on the same day either remotely or with onsite support.
  • Cloud Telephony: Your PBX is in the cloud, and your employees, mobile or office bound, are connected in your network for seamless communications.
  • Managed Internet Failover: If your internet goes down, your network automatically defaults to a nationwide cellular network, so that you will be always open for business.

Productivity Solutions

Servers, PC’s, phone systems and more, Benecom provides a full spectrum of products and services for all your voice and data needs, from cabling a small office to setting up a local and wide area network with hundreds of devices. Onsite maintenance is also available.


With over two decades experience with public and private enterprises large and small, we can handle all your cable and wiring needs. From a single to a thousand cable drops, we can deploy cat 5e, cat 6, fiber and wireless, as well as secure your enterprise with camera systems and plastic security ID card solutions.

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